Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you struggling to think of kids Christmas gift ideas this year? Don’t worry, we know it’s been a tough one. That’s why we’ve come up with some fantastic Christmas gift ideas for you! From personalised blankets to a fun LEGO® set, these Christmas gifts for kids cover a range of ages and styles. 


1. Personalised Blankets

Is there a little cutie in your life? Personalised baby blankets are great Christmas gifts for kids that can become lifelong keepsakes. Our customised baby blankets come in a range of prints, patterns and sizes. Choose from pram, cot and single bed sizes and opt for single or double sided. You can even give it that personal touch by including your child’s name on one side.

Our popular designs include bright and fun themes, such as hanging sloths, cacti, woodland animals and rainbow teddies. Browse our personalised baby blankets online.


2. LEGO® Classic Creative Building Set

LEGO® is not only fun, but it also develops children’s fine motor skills and inspires their imaginations. LEGO® Classic Creative Building Sets come with a variety of coloured blocks and pieces to build vehicles, animals and anything else you can think of!

Designed for children aged four and older, each set also includes age-appropriate instructions with three levels of building complexity. Let your child’s creativity flow with LEGO®. You might even find yourself joining them and building together. 


3. Printed Kids Clothes

Add a little bit of personality to your child’s wardrobe with some printed clothing. Get creating with printing names, images and fun graphics on t-shirts, hoodies, rompers and various other clothes. 

Check out The T-Shirt Mill’s range of little people clothing ready for printing here



4. Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is one of the best Christmas presents for kids (and possibly dads as well). Turn your kiddo into a dart shooting machine with this quick-draw blaster that is sure to impress their friends. 

The soft darts provide a fun and safe toy for kids of various ages. This particular shooter has a six-dart rotating drum for rapid fire and can launch darts as far as 27 metres. 


5. Barbie Dreamhouse

One of the most iconic Christmas gifts for kids now has a modern twist. The Barbie Dreamhouse of 2020 is a three-storey pink-and-purple mansion with 70 accessories, including an elevator, pool, waterslide and a ready-to-cook kitchen.

The eight distinct rooms offer 360-degrees of imaginative play, including pool parties and dinners. The lights and sounds give the Barbie Dreamhouse even more life with a sizzling stovetop, whistling kettle and light-up oven. 

November 13, 2020 — Merge Digital