As a parent, you may have noticed your child's attachment to a particular blanket or soft toy. This attachment object, often referred to as a "security blanket," can provide a sense of comfort and safety for your little one. While some may dismiss this attachment as a mere phase, research has shown that security blankets, including custom blankets, can play a crucial role in child development. 

In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of security blankets and how they can positively impact your child's growth and well-being.

The Importance of Security Blankets

Security blankets, such as baby blankets, can serve as a source of comfort for children, particularly during times of stress and change. They can provide a sense of familiarity and safety, helping to ease feelings of anxiety and fostering a sense of security. This sense of security can then translate into various developmental benefits, such as:

Emotional Comfort and Stability

One of the primary reasons parents provide their children with security blankets is to offer them a sense of emotional comfort and stability. Babies and toddlers experience a range of emotions as they explore the world around them, and a security blanket can help them feel safe and secure during these times. The familiar smell, texture, and appearance of a security blanket can provide a sense of continuity and comfort when children are faced with new situations or environments.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Children often experience anxiety and stress when they are separated from their primary caregiver or placed in unfamiliar environments. A security blanket can act as a transitional object, helping children feel more secure and less anxious during these stressful moments. By providing a constant, familiar item that children can cling to, security blankets can help ease separation anxiety and make transitions smoother.

Increased Independence and Self-Soothing

As children grow older, developing independence and self-soothing skills are crucial for their overall development. Security blankets can play a vital role in fostering these skills by providing a source of comfort and reassurance that children can rely on when they are upset, tired, or overwhelmed. By having a security blanket as a constant companion, children can learn to self-soothe and feel more confident in their ability to handle challenging situations independently.

Enhanced Cognitive Development

While it may not be immediately apparent, security blankets can also contribute to a child's cognitive development. As babies and toddlers explore their environment, they engage in sensory play, which helps build neural connections and enhances their cognitive abilities. The various textures, patterns, and colours found in custom blankets can provide a rich sensory experience for young children, stimulating their curiosity and encouraging them to explore further.

Improved Social Skills and Play

Security blankets can also help children develop their social skills and engage in imaginative play. As children become attached to their security blanket, they may begin to interact with it as if it were a friend or companion. This type of imaginative play is essential for developing social skills, empathy, and understanding of others' emotions and perspectives. Additionally, a child's attachment to their security blanket can provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to engage in conversations and play scenarios that promote emotional understanding and expression.

Choosing the Perfect Security Blanket

When selecting a security blanket for your child, there are a few factors to consider. Look for a blanket made from high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Custom blankets made from soft, durable fabrics like cotton or bamboo are ideal choices for baby blankets and security blankets, as they are gentle on the skin and easy to care for. Additionally, consider choosing a blanket with different textures, patterns, and colours to provide a stimulating sensory experience for your child.


While security blankets may seem like a simple accessory, they are critical in promoting a child's emotional, cognitive, and social development. These unassuming blankets can significantly benefit your child's growth and well-being by providing emotional comfort, reducing anxiety, fostering independence, enhancing cognitive skills, and encouraging social play. So, if you haven't already, consider investing in a high-quality custom security blanket for your little one—it might just be the best decision you make for their development.

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June 01, 2023 — Susan McAskill